Will I Stay

Standing on the edge of a cliff, all the struggles of life have finally caught up with Thomas. As he stands there, looking over the edge, he must debate the biggest question of his life. That question is whether to jump or to stay. He finds both his choices unfavorable, but he decides it would be easier to jump. In his last moments, he decides to revisit this life of pain he's lived one last time. During his reflection, he will come face-to-face with long past struggles, and the demons that lie dormant in his mind. He finds, also, the beauties that lay hidden and forgotten, and this makes him weigh his options even more.

In this reflection of life, his faith is tested, and the debate on what to believe takes its toll on his weary mind. All Thomas has ever wanted was peace in this world on fire. Instead, he has been dealt a hand of pain, sorrow, and tough choices. When religion didn't offer the peace he seeks, he turned toward a different outlet. With all the pain and emotions of Thomas's life, he molded a world in which he could hide. This world betrayed him. It told Thomas how he was going to die, but not how to save himself.

How can Thomas choose life after realizing all this and reliving all the tortures of the past? Will he choose to jump, to stay, or in this reflection, will he find the will to live? As Thomas believes he's made his choice he prepares himself. The will of the world he loves and hates tries to make this choice for him. In the end, will Thomas find the peace he has been so desperately searching for his whole life, or will this world on fire consume him?

--Brandon Falkenberg

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