Wildfire Avenged

After completing my bachelor's degree in disaster management, I knew everything was about to change. No longer was I going to be a waitress at the yacht club. I was going to be rich, independent, and successful. My mediocre life was about to end.

Driving to my parents' house, I recited a short speech I had prepared to thank them for their support. I've seen that expression in their eyes before. They were glowing with pride.

Sitting at the table, I watched as my dad opened the bottle of champagne. I knew what this meant. My parents were going to surprise me with a car. I couldn't wait. I wondered if they remembered what color I liked. The cork flew off like my former troubles. Dad cleared his throat as he made the announcement. Mom was pregnant!

Wildfire Avenged takes the reader on a journey through the life of a newly graduated twenty-four-year-old. Paying for her own studies and determined to build her career, her life takes a drastic change. For the worst. Trusting the wrong people and fellow-shipping with peculiar characters, she finds herself in a desperate endeavor to solve her own troubles, only to watch it become a life-threatening disaster. Brace yourself for the journey of unexpected resolutions, hilarious twists, and ultimately the best laughter in a lifetime.

--Yolande Schmidt

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