Why Some Seeds Don't Grow: 10 Principles for Parenting, Educating, and Mentoring Urban Youth

There are gaps in the homes, communities, and schools of America's urban youth. These gaps have become a major source of social and educational inequity. America's urban youth are fertile seeds full of great potential. Unfortunately, many of those seeds do not grow to reach the full maturity of the possibilities they possess. In clear and compelling terms, Dr. Miller uses metaphors to insightfully uncover principles to stimulate growth in urban youth. A few of which are

• rotate the crops

• accept only what you expect

• specific seeds require specific needs

Why Some Seeds Don't Grow, explores ten principles that will help those who mentor, parent, and educate urban youth develop the mindset needed to help those seeds grow, maximize their potential, and accomplish their purpose.

--Newton H. Miller II, PhD

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