Why Do I Have Just a Mom?

Why do I have just a Mom?

Kids have emotions, we see it all. Just because we don't say it does not mean we don't.

When a little girl starts to wonder why she has only a mom and not a dad, she tries to solve the puzzle and starts observing her friends. She starts seeing some of her friends who only have a mom just like her. She sees others being raised by grandparents, or uncles and aunts. She sees some of them have both a mom and a dad. After all, she questions, “Mom, what is the perfect family?”

Young school children are eager to figure out how their world works and who plays what parts in relationships. With a healthy approach and explanation, adults should be able to explain complex situations in simple terms, so we can help kids overcome their emotions.

Why Do I Have Just a Mom? is a narrative from a child's mind. She asks questions, draws conclusions, and makes suggestions.

--Nona Vardidze

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