Who's Paying Attention?

The title Who's Paying Attention? focuses on my quest to personally know the God of All Creation and subsequently over the years to “get to grips” with the contents of “the Bible” the way God would want mankind to understand them. Included in the title logic is the use of specific help-aids in the form of Bibles, dictionaries, atlases, etc., and not forgetting prayer to God (the Father of Jesus of Nazareth), who was my most important help-aid, as generically speaking, the Bible is not an easy book to understand.

Who's Paying Attention? contains some of my findings; which I can say with confidence that I received divine enlightenment from God; otherwise, I would have remained none the wiser—even after surfing much topical literature. In a nutshell, the answer to the title of this book requires that any passionately interested Bible student must adopt a role of a focused detective and at the same time rely on God through reverential prayer—for divine help to solve unclear or confusing sections of Scripture.

It is on this basis that Who's Paying Attention? became the prelude to Watchman! Watchman! What of the Night?—my second book, which further demonstrates the essential reliance on God for divine enlightenment in the Scriptures, rather than skewing the approach towards man and available literature in order to obtain “a correct answer.”

Notwithstanding the above, we all still have much to learn about the Bible and the members of the Godhead—who were instrumental in making the Bible a reality.

--Kenneth Stanford

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