Who Died and Left You in Charge?: The Fundamental Transformation of America

Do you remember using or hearing the term, “Who Died and Left You in Charge?” I would think almost all of us have. The title for this book came to author John S. (Stan) Halstead while teaching middle school music at The Oaks Christian School in Summerville, SC. Following a lesson on rudimentary music theory, Stan overheard a sixth grader ask a classmate, “So who quit and made you the know-it-all Cheese Whiz?” when the classmate answered several questions in a row with correct responses. It was a lesson in generative grammar that caused a true ah-ha moment. As you take the journey through these pages, it will begin to become clear why the main title and the subtitle, “The Fundamental Transformation of America,” play so well together. There are many people in this day and age who just think or have been convinced they are in charge. Position, power, ability will play tricks on your mind and heart. Are you in charge? Read on and see why I think you are and who died giving you the responsibility.

--Stan Halstead

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