WHO did it? WHO created earth and heaven?

As a former family therapist, I know the extreme need for children to know the “whys” of life. As all parents know, children ask exhausting questions about the world and life. One major question they eventually ask is, “How did we get here?” It is so important to give an answer that children understand. The book WHO did it? gives a clear, fun, colorful, and affirming answer to the little ones with so many questions.

It is crucial to the mental health of children that they understand there is a God who made the world and cares about people. This understanding helps children cope with so many growing-up stressors.

Adults who have learned as children the truth regarding WHO did it? are usually the ones with less anxiety and depression. Knowing there is a God who cares about people helps take the stress out of life as a child or an adult.

As the current operations director for over forty Christian licensed therapists in the Chicago and Indiana areas and having over two thousand counseling sessions a month, I have found that parents who have taught their children the truth as to how we got here benefit the most from counseling therapy if it is needed.

Knowing the Creator of the world and that He cares for His creation is a key to a satisfied and emotionally healthy life.

—Duane Kapp, MA, LMFT

Director of Operations, Chicago Christian Counseling Center

--Cricket Chatfield

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