Who Can I Trust?: The Barricaded City

Emily along with twenty-nine other teenagers have spent their childhood starving, fighting, and questioning life. Some have even experienced death. They have been trapped between the high brick walls of their own city with nowhere to go and with no recollection of who they once were.

To them, each day is a struggle for survival, and because food is scarce, they have all learned there is a need to fight for it. But one day, when a helicopter appears and a potential for rescue arises, everything changes. The need to prove themselves becomes more pressing than ever when they find out there are only eight empty seats.

As Emily uses her knack for strategy to fight her way to the top, she finds herself starting to question everything: her friends, her past, and most importantly, her future. Will being rescued solve all her problems, or will the newfound life just be smothered with more secrets, digging her deeper into an unsolvable puzzle?

--Brooke Sanders

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