White Lies: A Deadly Snare

This story was written first for enjoyment, but it took a turn to incorporate two important messages. The truth sets you free! When we hide something from another, whether intentionally or not, it puts a stress on you and you have to keep covering the truth. As the medical field will tell you, stress is the number one killer. It cheats you out of days of your life prematurely. Your loves, your accomplishments, your family. My son has a habit of saying, “Mom, you might as well know you'll find out anyway.”

How true that statement is because one way, somehow, the truth always seems to surface. May God help you on a venture to always tell the truth despite how agonizing it might be or ugly. Once said, it can be dealt with and dismissed. God Bless you richly.

Second, I would like to sincerely encourage you to freely speak with the Holy Spirit. He is such a comfort and joy.

My daughter gave me a cross stitch sampler that I keep hung above my sink since that is where I spend a lot of time doing dishes. It reads—

Lord—help me to remember that nothing can happen today that together you and I can't handle. Author unknown.

I don't know how anyone manages a day without his presence.

--Ann Louise

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