When Your Mind Steals Your Soul's Reward

We're all searching for something to last. We live our lives ever reaching for the next bar, meeting that right person, getting the perfect job, doing what we can do to make our lives what we think it should be. If you're a believer in Christ, then you pray and you ask favors, requests whatever you want to call them but they are a way of reaching out to the greater power that we do not possess. You may have been the victim of child abuse, a personal crime, a vendetta, or the perpetrator. You have been asking and praying for an answer or miracle to your need and relief from the burden you carry. What we forget is in order to receive from God, we must receive what he gives. Sometimes it isn't what we asked or prayed for, but it's an answer. This book is titled When Your Mind Steals Your Soul's Reward. It is meant as a message, that in order to receive, you must first think it possible. With the power of life and death being in the tongue, speak it!

You must speak into your life what you hope and pray for. Faith is believing in the things that are hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. This is putting your faith into action. You must first think it, speak it, expect it just as Jesus said believe when you pray though your father has already given you what you asked for.

The messages and very deep and personal accounts during Carol's life shared in this book are meant to enlighten, encourage, and strengthen your ability to receive God's amazing gifts and miracles through the power of words. God's abilities are not limited by our faith however. We do limit ourselves by our own spoken words of failure, fear, and felt circumstances. So often we are defeated before ever given the opportunity to see God's plan revealed by the words we speak, therefore directing the path of decisions made. This book is to be read with an open heart and praying throughout that God give you discernment and wisdom as you read as well as the ability to keep going, it will be painful at times.

I believe with all my heart you will see miracles you have prayed for and know it is God and God only who is able to release them to you. It will be because you are finally able to receive through the knowledge of the power of your spoken words. So, go now in the power of his might and seek him so that you may have ears to hear and eyes to see as he leads you in this endeavor.

In any offences at the truths shared in this book apologies first. Led as I am, it is all 100 percent the undeniable truth as seen through my eyes in this journey we call life.

--Carol Farnstrom

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