When You Meet God

This book is key or a tool for someone to understand

the presence and existence of God through many of the

evidences presented. The author looked in to the Earth,

the universe, and all the creations. It is very evident that

some super intelligent person was behind all the things we see.

This book contains the very clear evidences of the existence of the

one whom we call God. It requires faith to believe in God; at the

same time, one needs to look into themselves and their conscience

and ask themselves. The galaxies, such us our own, plus the others

near and distant. All the stars and planets in the galaxy are very

well organized with their distance, magnetic field, electromagnetic

forces, etc. in precision and accuracy. As a matter of fact, nothing came

in existence randomly; somebody had to work behind all of them.

These are explained from the Book of Job, Proverbs, Psalms,

and through the words of the prophets. Then God's presence is

explained through the Scriptures of Old and New Testament. The

book describes the events and details of certain people who had

encounters with God, which proved through their life and through

their generation's existence. Finally, God showed him through his

own Son Jesus Christ. It explains how God took his incarnation as

human. If someone is looking for evidence of the existence of God,

this book covered pretty much everything, including the history of

humanity to present-day science.

--Chacko Varghese

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