Whatcha Doin', Ivy Rayne?: The Window

This book was inspired by my youngest daughter, Ivy Rayne. While walking into her room, I saw Ivy busy pulling things apart and building them back together again. I said, “Whatcha doin', Ivy Rayne?” Ivy looked up at me with her bright eyes and said, “Oh, nothing, just being Ivy.” I laughed and immediately went to my laptop and began typing.

Ivy is always doing something that prompts your curiosity. This story is centered around Ivy and the adventures she shares with her big sister Madi and her two best friends Max and Brody. When faced with a problem or challenge, Ivy is fast at work finding the solution. When asked the question “Whatcha doin', Ivy Rayne?” the response is always the same, “Oh, nothing, just being Ivy.” Join Ivy, her sister Madi and her two best friends as they work together in “Whatcha doin', Ivy Rayne?” The Window.

--Michelle Griffin-Carter

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