What's Wrong with My House

The “essential question” and “impetus” which drives my book is the critical question: Why are our families, to “include” the Christian family, in such disarray? This short yet potent work provides the reader with the meaning and composition of the family as God sees one of his most valued institutions: “the family.” When we endeavor to allow the family beginning with the “father” to take its rightful role and place, many of the societal ills and struggles to include issues within the modern-day church will be delimited and/or eliminated. Some of the simplistic roles as ordained by God include, but are not limited to: father as mentor, mother as nurturer, and son and daughter as builders of family name. These key ingredients paired with integrity will take the modern-day family back to its rightful place as we, as a world community endeavor, to answer the question: “What's wrong with my house?” and seek our answers from the living Word of God.

--Calvin Payne

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