What Was That?: A Story of Intrigue and Fascination for Young Children

I have a passion for the education of young children. I have always been mesmerized by their imagination. Perhaps this was due to my own upbringing as a child, often venturing into the woods, thinking about things that I would hope to be, people I would hope to meet, experiences that I would help to undertake, and dreaming at the expense of reality. Admittedly, often my imagination would run wild!

What Was That? was not written to inject fear but to help young children deal with their imagination in ways that would be beneficial as they grow to befriend those whose physical, emotional, and social realties may not have been their own, but to embrace differences with the resolve to play and work together.

It is my hope that this work will be just as meaningful to you reading it to your children as it was for me writing it. Moreover, it is my goal that if children learn how to process differences at early ages, our nation and world will reap the benefits.

Such is my hope. I hope it be yours as well.

--Annie Eloise Reese

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