What the Prophet Ether Couldn't Tell Us

This book explores some of Noah's trial as he builds the ark,survives the Great Flood, and restarts mankind in Sumeria. Following Noah's descendants into Iraq and the ill-fated Tower of Babylon, God then leads a group of travelers, who became known as the Jaredites, into the biblical Promised Land of Americas. Here, God warns them that should they ever cease their worship of him, they would be forever wiped off the face of the land.

They fulfill God's promise to them that they are destined to become the greatest civilization, which lasted about 2,530 years but is totally ignored by ologists. As a result of what became known to history as Noah's Flood, the Jaredites had all of five virgin and completely empty continents and most of a sixth to colonize, as well as many other lands in between. Ultimately, the Jaredites did eventually fall away from their worship of God and, as a result, erased themselves form history through an incredibly vicious civil war.

--Jim Hendleman

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