What Shall I Do?

Looking back, it was amazing how my brain processed the whole incident. Even though I had repeated my statement numerous times to the police, family and friends, it was as if I was telling a story about someone else.

Becky Erkkila is courageously sharing her story to enlighten others about the domestic violence victim mentality. Through her challenging experiences, she has come to realize that whatever situation we are in, the vital point is to perceive what would be the best thing for us to do at the time. Whether you are trying to discern the truth about your present situation, seeking confidence for yourself to go forward with a decision, frantically struggling to defend yourself, or convincing yourself that you are of some value, what you need most is a clear answer to “what shall I do?” I pray reading this book will bring light to your “what shall I do?”

--Becky Erkkila

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