Wesley's Adventures; The Watchdog Stories; Wesley’s Adventure Series

Wesley, barely eight weeks old, came to live with a couple that he knows as Granddad and Gramme. He grew and gradually took upon himself the watchdog role. Wesley, of course, is the star of all the Wesley's Adventure stories. He's a real dog living in a real place.

The “Pool Monster” story is an early-adventure challenge Wesley faces. He is awakened by something or someone struggling in Gramme's swimming pool. Approaching the pool, he's startled to see the creature's tail swishing side to side slapping the surface. Dare he go closer? Or should he run and hide?

The “Old Mr. Buzzard” story begins one early morning before sunrise. Old Mr. Buzzard, like a ghost, alights on the roof. Wesley sounds the alarm, rousing the household. Why has Old Mr. Buzzard come? For what or for whom is he waiting? Later that morning, while Wesley is away, Old Mr. Buzzard leaves. But under unusual circumstances their paths will again cross that very day.

In the “Wesley Runs Away” story, Wesley doesn't plan to run away. And he certainly doesn't plan, under unusual weather conditions, to be lost. But lost he is. Night falls and conditions worsen. How can he possibly find his way home? It won't be easy! Be careful, Wesley. Not everyone out there wishes you well!

--Dale M. Walsh

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