Wesley's Adventures; Mystery Stories; Wesley’s Adventure Series

Everyone loves a mystery, even Wesley. Three mystery adventures are presented here. They all make for great fun.

In the first mystery story, “Wesley Meets a Mysterious Stranger,” an encounter that turns out poorly for Wesley. Who is that mysterious stranger?

The second story, “Wesley and the Mystery Egg Affair,” begins when trouble befalls a couple of Wesley's bird friends. An egg is missing replaced by a different egg. Wesley is the sleuth in this adventure, seeking to learn who stole the missing egg and why. There's more to this case than meets the eye.

In the “Wesley and the Night Visitor” mystery adventure, a crime is committed late at night. Food is missing from Wesley's dish. Who is this nighttime thief? Wesley, joined by a couple friends, sets out to uncover clues the thief unintentionally leaves behind. Eventually, these clues point to an astonishing solution.

--Dale M. Walsh

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