Welcome to a Beautiful, Simple Miracle: Couple Prayer

Bob and Kathy Ovies have been in ministry together for more than fifty years: Bob as clergy and Kathy as youth minister. But it was in 1967, as they struggled to recover from the sudden death of their three-month-old son, that they were first able to trust each other with their deepest prayers of needs and thanksgivings, a trust which not only blessed them at that time but is blessing thousands of married or engaged couples today in eleven different countries through the “Couple Prayer Series” which they developed and now make available through the pages of this book and the book's related website: www.coupleprayer.com.

If you wish that you and your spouse could share prayers more safely, lovingly, and often, this proven support experience is for you. Read it in these pages. Pray with it in this book. Find out for yourselves, easily and quickly, why sharing couple prayer together every day, even in its simplest forms, is a “welcome in” which is so powerful that one young wife wrote to tell us this about her and her husband's newly found couple prayer experiences: “We had never realized how powerful sharing couple prayer could be in a marriage,” she wrote. “But this is life-changing! This is actually life-changing! Our prayers together have changed our lives!”

--Bob and Kathy Ovies

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