Waves of Sorrow

Kept in seclusion by her father until all memory of her was forgotten, Linet has become a fearful woman of introspection and independence. When she is suddenly whisked away to claim a future she had once dreamed of but now doesn't want, she must quickly become someone she doesn't recognize in an effort to endure what she now is.

Hidden as a babe to escape his father's wrath, Muireach has emerged from his humbled beginnings to claim his birthright of Igden. His past has been forgotten and his future more than secured. Yet, with the fulfillment of the king's edict, circumstances which he has ignored for the whole of his life have emerged to threaten everything he holds dear.

A father's betrayal, a mother's death, a brother's scheme...

She was the daughter secretly shunned, and he the son who had never been wanted. Now, as their paths merge and they begin to travel the road upon which they have both been cruelly thrust, can they together learn to entrust their uncertain future to the God of Igden's wayward priest? Or will the waves of sorrow which have so long threatened to overpower them both, finally prevail?

--Julie Visser

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