Watchman!Watchman! What of the Night?

The title Watchman! Watchman! What of the Night? was selected on the basis of the soon-to-unfold Great Tribulation Period (GTP). The purpose of the title is to attract an interest in the reply that the watchman gave: “I see the dawn coming, and also a Night!” It is this approaching “Night” that the watchman saw—which represents the judgments of God and the wrath of man that will unfold during the GTP. In essence the GTP will last for seven years— “the last week” in Daniel's prophecy that concludes “the 367 weeks” upon the Children of Israel. There is a strong indication that “this Night,” which horrified the watchman, is likely to commence anytime between mid-2023 AD and mid-2025 AD.

You can follow my deliberations in this regard in this second book; however, there is also complimentary information in Who's Paying Attention? Please refer.

--Kenneth Stanford

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