Walk in Ancient Paths: The Good Way of Wisdom

Wisdom is a lifelong pursuit—particularly the wisdom found in Proverbs. After a decision for acceptance of the gospel, the ultimate question for Christian believers is, “How then shall we best live this one and only life we have been so graciously given?” Proverbs opens with a convincing catalog of the wonderful benefits of following God's precepts for living and goes on to provide timeless wisdom for daily practical living—about relationships, correct speech, business dealings, attitudes, relation to civil authorities, families, and other issues in life. While most of Proverbs was written or collected over three thousand years ago, human nature remains the same so the verses apply equally well today. While the analogies may be, for example, about agriculture issues (threshing grain, wine making, olive oil pressing) or master/servant relationships, they translate superbly into modern business and life. Whether a lifelong Christian or an exploring philosopher, Proverbs is well worth an in-depth thoughtful look.

--Ruth Sears

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