Voices; Tormented to Life; A True Story

Voices, tells of a world where lives are adrift in a sea of flames. Such an atmosphere of dancing human remains may be hard to imagine unless it's been lived. Like firebrands streaking through a black night sky, Spirit things can seem a fantasy to a casual eye. As for the telling's in this book: they're not a glimpse … but a deep gaze and the encounters of a human soul.

Born far apart, Sue and Bob's lives began as fairytales … but as fairytales will do, their dreams bled-out and soaked the ground! Broken homes, drugs, alcohol, and a confused moral compass led them down treacherous paths. Then in 1973, while drifting through the universe, their twisting paths collided one day in the dark. Bob was a violent atheist, who professed he was god; Sue, who once aspired to be a Nun, now dabbled in mysticism in her parched thirst for truth.

Then came the days of the Valiant ones who laid siege to our Kingdom for four months. Two months in, Sue prayed through the night… and when I learned of it, I threatened her life. God then showed her in a dream, my soul, now completely void of light - and as she watched, giant, soulless birds began devouring me. Two weeks later and close to death, alone in my room I prayed, and once I asked for forgiveness, a voice above me spoke. So the days of my dying ended … for the days of miracles had now begun!

This is a true story

--R. J. Donnelly

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