Voice of Hope

Voice of Hope is comprised of inspirational poems and words to soothe and comfort the soul. It tackles and addresses fears, roadblocks, betrayal, self-doubt, social injustice, and other issues that may have, and have, arisen in anyone's life. It's thought-provoking and stirs up social norms and practices. Sometimes it reflects and laments over choices made in life.

But in spite of all that, there are silver linings along the way. In the midst of all the challenges, one learns from failures and errors, and subsequently copes and thrives. Voice of Hope reminds us of the promises made by the Almighty. It will strengthen, heal, and lift the spirit.

With faith like a mustard seed and hope at the helm, one can rise from the ashes. Regardless of financial status, pigmentation of skin, origin, or mistakes made along the way, one can recalibrate and breathe new life. Though there are sufferings, deficiencies, and setbacks, one can gain redemption and thrive in their true God-given potentials

--Betty Blake

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