Unlocking the Mysteries of Revelation

The book in Part 1 exposes how the world is influenced and controlled by Babylon. Why is Babylon mentioned in Revelation? Who is Babylon? Is Babylon a real threat and how does it affect the souls of men.

Part 2 gives understanding on the Lord's bride and New Jerusalem. Who is the Bride of Christ? Who is New Jerusalem and how does she involve us? What is our spiritual position?

Getting revelation of the “End Times” is needed in order to understand End Times scriptures and how to recognize end time signs.

Part 3 gives revelation and timing as it clarifies the Lord's return. Recognizing when the Lord will return using scriptures will eliminate controversy. It also helps us understand the workings of our enemy.

To know the chronology of end time events is crucial as it is detailed for the Believer's benefit. Scriptures shows the benefits of being an "Overcomer" and their destiny.

It reveals the necessity of Tribulation. What will be the purpose for the Believer if they are still on the earth at the end? We will understand the benefits of persecution of the true Believers as it has always happened with God's true followers.

These topics are discussed for the Believer's survival, for their spiritual growth and for them to overcome any and all opposition that is faced today and will face in the days ahead.

--Ambassador Justin Douziech

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