Unlimited Love: Our Life as a Foster Family

This is the inspiring story of how one mother and her family had a positive impact on more than four hundred children over their twenty-five years of fostering. Learn about their passion and how they welcomed hurt, scared, and troubled children into their home at all hours of the day and night and cared for them like they were their own. From newborn babies, to toddlers, to brothers, and sisters and teens, they touched the lives of so many with their love and devotion.

What a marvelous story. It is a reminder that there are still good people out there doing their part to help others.

—Bob Morse, writer and editor

I still consider you my parents because you were the first ones to truly love and care for me when I needed it most.

—Paul, former foster child

I have never met anyone that can match Rosie's love and compassion for her kids and Kenny's support and devotion to Rosie.

—Steve Brazzell, family friend

--Rosemary Farris

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