Unexpected Love

Alexis had a pretty good life—great job as a freelance graphic designer, nice townhouse on the outskirts of Kansas City, and great friends. Her life was busy and she liked it that way. However, her relationship with Scott was not what she wanted, and the more she tried to end it the more controlling he got. She needed a vacation. She had turned fifty and had been through a divorce ten years earlier. She did not want any complications in her life. With camera in hand, she headed out to someplace she had never been—California. A week away she thought would get Scott away from her and allow her to reconnect with herself. She never expected what would come next. Never expected to ever fall in love again, even though she prayed that God would send someone special to her.

Blane lived a busy rock-star life. His band was touring and writing new music. Just coming off a national tour, he just wanted some downtime, write music for the next album, and hang out with his daughters. He loved his life, but since his wife had died, a part of him was missing. Would he ever find someone to love him for the person he was and not the person everyone else thought he was? Blane was not an overly religious man, but he hoped that God would answer his prayer.

--Tamara Petty-Neal

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