Under His Wings.

The story that follows is one woman's struggles both with regard to conflicts with the larger society and within the culture of the family. From her early experiences entertaining the Japanese troops right through her educational and family experiences she is encouraged to adapt, to fit in. How does an independent thinker with strong ideas and dreams work out an adaptation when they become conscious of inconsistencies in their family or culture? When the overriding message is to be obedient/subservient, how do you ignore or keep quiet about problems that you see and need addressing? When you are reared under strict parentage and your life is planned for you, what do you do when you have ideas of your own? How do you find your voice when it is discouraged at almost every turn? Mea's story is one that explores those very issues as she recounts her life experiences. It is an introspective look at how she has managed to reconcile a variety of conflicts and come through it as a stronger person both a part of her culture and be an inspiration to any of us who have found ourselves at odds with prevailing expectations and beliefs.

- Edmund S. Bienkowski, Ph.D.

--Bartolomea B. Agatep-Enrico

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