Under His Wings: Book 1 The Wings Series

Things were supposed to be better coming west! Why? Why? Why did the Almighty One do things like this? Why was I left all alone?

Katie Kurtz doesn't know whether she wants to live or die. She finds herself completely alone, with no reason to go on living—until Michael arrives and takes her under his wing.

Then there is Josh who, unbeknownst to her, wants to provide for her and protect her. His parents and little brother make her feel like a part of their family, showing her more love than she ever had from her own family.

Suddenly, she finds herself surrounded by seven men working to help her in her time of need. What will she do? Are they just after the hidden money? And who is the stranger with red hair? Why is he trying to kill her?

Will Katie be able to realize that God is working in all of this to keep her Under His Wings where she belongs?

--Maxine Johnson

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