Unafraid; Leon's Son

Just imagine for a moment if the earth was not really round, like everyone thinks. Imagine if you sailed west, and eventually, you would sail off the edge and fall for miles until you suddenly, in a bizarre moment, landed unhurt on a completely different planet. In this new world, there are creatures, people, and landscapes that are only legends on the earth above. This is the world of Athnan, and this is the story of the greatest king Athnan has ever known, and how he grew from a young child to a brave warrior.

Growing up in a dangerous world, young Leo must learn quickly that being a king means serving his kingdom by battling trolls and wild animals, as well as living up to the honor of his great ancestors. Yet his strength is tested when he must choose between loyalty to his father's wishes and his true love, and after it seems he has at last conquered his fears, he is destined to fight the most terrifying enemy Athnan has ever known.

Filled with knights, monsters, and dragons, Unafraid: Leon's Son will be sure to give you a thrilling nonstop adventure of courage, love, and forgiveness.

--Phillip Meyer

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