True Grunt*: Not The Monster of Vietnam

True Grunt is not about a Vietnam battle or a Vietnam journal/

memoir. It is a response to seeing short “Vietnam War 50 years

later videos” on TV. These videos show two sides of the infantry in

Vietnam. One side depicts the infantry fighting heroically and the

other depicts the infantry committing some kind of atrocity. I served

on the front lines with the infantry/grunt in 1970-1971. With many

grandchildren, I don't want this mixed message to be my legacy. In

those years, the infantry especially became the most maligned soldiers

in our country's history. We were known as the baby killers and

monsters of Vietnam. Those names continue to haunt us today. By

seeing and experiencing my life as infantry—“grunt”—at that time,

I hope the reader of True Grunt sees the infantry as moral men of

intelligence and courage. They fought in some of the worst conditions

of war. It is also a story of hope as one Vietnam Veteran regains

his life, overcomes personal tragedies, and even disease from Agent

Orange. It's time to project “50 years later videos” with just one message.

Thousands of Vietnam grunts like myself were true to ourselves,

our morals and our country. We won a great Victory in Vietnam. No

asterisk needed.

--Billy White

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