Transformed – Redeemed from the Fall: Real lasting personal change is possible

Real change is elusive. Have you ever failed to reach a goal or New Year's resolution? It can be disappointing and discouraging when it happens. Many people have simply given up trying. Real inner change or transformation involves a process. It requires some work. In the transformation process of metamorphic rock, extreme heat and pressure will change limestone to marble. Limestone is a hard rock, but marble is stronger, harder, and more durable as a result of this process.

Personal transformation can also result from the heat and pressure of life. How a person perceives and responds to those pressures determines if they will become bitter or better people.

If you desire real, lasting change, I have good news. It is possible! Transformed: Redeemed from the Fall reveals some of the principles that helped many other people to succeed in finding fulfillment through real, lasting change. Don't let it elude you any longer. Take a look for yourself inside and find the principles to assist you in being transformed today!

--Paul Pierce

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