Train Them Up the Way They Should Go

You must love a child from the time the sperm unites with the egg and tell yourself, “I would make up my mind that I would love the child all my life regardless of physical characteristics, mental abilities, and personality or anything the child might say or do.”

Reading this book should convince you that if we are to raise children to be successful, we must first teach them what success is. I believe there is no true success without complete commitment to and complete faith in God.

We should start teaching our children the right way to go from the day they are born. In fact, we must start long before they are born so that both the parents and the child will be prepared to learn the way to live from the beginning. If we wait until the child is a teenager to teach them these things, it may be too late.

Also, with the love of Christ in our hearts, we must set the right examples of responsibility, honesty, integrity, work ethics, and the like, especially because the child is born with the instinct to be like the parents.

We must teach our children to love America. Not just respect it but to really love and appreciate our great country as well.

Our children should be loved the same whether they have an IQ of l80 or they struggle to make passing grades.

We must love them just the same if they have physical or mental impairments. We must warn them of the evils of alcohol, drugs, sex outside of marriage, greed, selfishness, and all the other sins, which keep them from having a successful life.

--James Fuller

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