This book is about Tom's life story and his amazing full-circle moments. It is centered upon the very idea that events and people are not coincidental at all. There absolutely is meaning, deep meaning. A higher power has been at work right in the middle of Tom's life from the beginning, accomplishing a purpose. Despite the enemy's best efforts to destroy or kill him, God's mantle of protection has prevailed. Picture an average-sized man, not quite 6 feet tall and barely 170 pounds. He's seventy-something, with silver-white hair and a face well-lined with age. Now imagine the character and personality of an excited kid telling you about the biggest fish he ever caught. Put those two images together in your mind, and you have Tom. That guy wants to share his story with you, and he wants you to know it's all true. This is not a work of fiction designed to entertain you. These things really happened, and people's lives were touched.

--Thomas Coryell

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