Today, Tonight, Tomorrow: Adoption, Addiction, Redemption A story of a Beautiful Life and Tragic Death, and My Recovery

I have experienced two of the most profound experiences God offers us on this earth: the overwhelming joy of adopting children, and the overpowering grief of losing a child from the tragedy of heroin addiction. In this book, I have placed everything my heart holds. It is a blend of happy experiences with my children as my husband and I raised them, horrific experiences as we helplessly watched one child's life painfully ripped apart in a storm of evil, and the unimaginable aftermath of losing a child. Tears from all these are spread throughout these pages.

In his death, my child was redeemed and set free. I was left picking up the pieces of my broken heart, shaking my head, and trying to understand why. God's overpowering love and sovereignty had raised a sword against one of Satan's greatest tools, the power of addiction. Was my child nothing more than a casualty of spiritual warfare? God is good. Did I still believe that? This book chronicles my journey through His Word, listening for whispers from heaven, until finally, I too am set free.

Today,Tonight,Tomorrow was written by Him,for Him,and belongs to Him. I pray that this book will help fight the spread of the addiction plague that has been so carefully orchestrated by the enemy and will help provide comfort to those already caught in the battle.

--Jan C. Scruggs

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