To Know God

Does God exist? Can we know God? These questions are but two of many that represent the mysteries of life. The greatest minds in the fields of philosophy, theology, and science have wrestled with these questions over the millennia looking for definitive answers. Their responses to these two questions have been profound and persuasive. Yet, in spite of the proofs presented, doubt continues to exist. In the end, as the saying goes, “It all comes down to faith.” It always does and always will. In full recognition of that fact, To Know God is a journey of faith. It is an apologetic that seeks knowledge of God, first through love, then through revelation and reason to offer proof beyond reasonable doubt that God does exist and—as far as humanly possible—is knowable. It looks to areas where Divine manifestations, metaphysics, and the laws of science find common ground. It is through this unification of spiritual enlightenment and transcendence with science that the existence of God becomes apparent. What is more, the common underpinnings of this union help us—as far as our limited capacities will take us—to understand the substance and essence of God. In other words, take us to a point where we can begin To Know God.

--Anthony DAugustine

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