Tiny the Mighty Eagle

Not understanding one's real value can be catastrophic, especially in children. Tiny the Eaglet had forgotten who he really was; desperate and lost, he assimilated to the only animals that were nice to him when he had no one else—the chickens. Tiny starts acting like the chickens—pecking like them, clucking like them, and never dares to fly. He really believed to be a chicken, even though he looked quite different to them and had dreams about flying every night. It is not until his friend Jonathan sees the resemblance between Tiny and an eagle that he realizes that Tiny was meant for greater things than just a chicken coop. But the lying serpent wants to make Tiny believe that she is stronger than him and that she will devour him. It is up to Tiny to believe and remember who he truly is and how powerful he was created to be.

Like Tiny, many have forgotten who they really are. The enemy lies and makes people believe they are common people; but common, they are not. Humans were created for great things—sons and daughters of an almighty king, the creator and ruler of the universe. They are called to walk with heads high up and always remembering they are royalty. It is important that the children understand this truth at a very young age, and one must help them comprehend that they, just like Tiny, were created for mightier and greater things. Embark on an empowering journey of self-discovery and take back your title away from that lying serpent.

--Jennette Medina

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