Timothy Asks a Question: If God Created Everything Then Who Created God?

As a lay evangelist at Antioch Baptist Church, 828 Greene Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11221 (overseer pastor, Dr. Robert M. Waterman), one Wednesday night while teaching children Bible study, one of my eight-year-old students asked me pertinent questions; thus, I wrote it down: if God created everything, then who created God?

Ushered by the Holy Spirit, thus began my endeavor to answer this question using the ascribed medium (the book) and form the Lord would lead me to use. I am sure that there are many types of Timothies out there with many more questions.

As a teacher and writer of young minds in the kingdom of God, my assignment is to provide a platform and biblically related answer to the Timothies of this world.

--Susan Lawrence-Winfield

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