Times Before Time

The truth of history, when finally recovered, is more fascinating than any tale of fiction could ever be! This treatise of history will enrich and enliven your understanding of your origin and the events that shaped and formed the world in which you live.

When the account in the Bible is applied to Jewish tradition, the record preserved by Josephus and other ancient historians, and the ancient Greek traditions called myths, much can be learned about the preflood world, which, heretofore, has been considered lost to human knowledge! Here within it is proven that history of ancient times and history contained in the Bible can be beautifully harmonized!

The Bible is not a history textbook. It is a guidebook! Without it, nothing important in ancient history can be rightly understood. But this does not mean all history is recorded in the Bible. Scripture is the starting point of study. It opens up solutions to secular records that could not otherwise be understood.

This exposition begins at creation and concludes at the time when Joseph, Job, and the Israelites are all living in Egypt at a fabulous period in biblical history.

The intelligence that created is outside the creation and thus is not affected by time, space, and matter. A spirit being is not composed of matter. You have to have space and matter for time to exist. You have to have matter for there to be space and time. Without matter and time, you would not have space. This continuum had to come together simultaneously as a result of intelligent design.

--David Kiker

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