Time of the Marked Souls: Equivocal

An exile, a crossbreed, and a time jumper spark a rebellion against an aggressive interplanetary regime.

After having been appointed Record Keeper, Ahrozo finds herself at the precipice of a life caught between two choices: whether to do as she is told and live a life of self-denial or to act out against a corrupt and power hungry society.

Beginning with a devastating attack on her unsuspecting city, Erella must spearhead a resistance movement against the Regime of the Phoenix; an imposing force that is threatening the existence of her entire species.

And Dean, stranded in this past, is just along for the ride. Hoping to find any useful information he can, that might help his people, in the future, where a force more menacing than the Regime of the Phoenix resides.

A mission, a plan, and way too many unanswered questions that all seem to lead back to Ahrozo's little sister, Nee'ha…


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