Time Brings About a Change

Time has a tendency to change things. Notice that:

• We don't have a horse and buggy anymore. We have vehicles.

• People don't carry bag phones anymore. People have phones in their pockets, in their hands, etc.

• You don't see many older guys wearing long hair anymore.

• There are medical advancements.

• There are technology advancements.

• There are all kinds of discoveries.

Why? Time brings about a change.

Time Brings About a Change opens up with a prayer. Then it talks about the phrases or comments made or heard that make reference to biblical characters. It also talks about making time to build a relationship with God. Building a relationship with God should be sincere and honest.

Time is a gift given by God that is used for everything, past, present, and future. It is time that heals, changes, and corrects. This book gives a definition of time based on the Bible. Despite how you may feel, realize time brings about a change.

--Rudolph V. Burdett Jr.

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