Through the Lens : A Book of Short Stories

Through the Lens: A Book of Short Stories is about stories that derive from the

heart and were inspired by God, life experiences, and learned principles. All

the stories are based on a female teenager's perception, but do not exclude

the male perspective. The stories will shed light on various issues that young

adults may struggle with, such as isolation, suicide, peer pressure, drugs,

family complications, inadequacy, judgment, and salvation. These stories

are real-life examples compacted with tough lessons and key messages, in

hopes of permeating the minds of the younger generation to find positive

ways to handle the tribulations of life, despite their present circumstances.

Every story is intended to teach all young adults about the significance

of kindness, sacrifice, temperance, and love. With this book, I hope to

provide awareness to the reoccurring problems that most teenagers and

young adults are confronted with.

--Erica R. Walker

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