Through the Glass Darkly

This story begins in the year 2030 as our lead character is an eighty-five-year-old man who lives alone in a modern world. He has outlived his wife and most of his friends and family. One evening as he sits down in front of his TV, he falls asleep and awakens to find himself in the year 1961. He thinks he is having a dream, but it is one that is so vivid and realistic that he wonders if it is just a dream, or is he really somehow back in 1961? And if so, why? Is it to correct a long-ago decision? Thus begins our hero's journey back in time as he pursues a completely different career and personal path. I think some of us would like another “bite of the apple” and maybe make some different decisions from the ones that were made in the past.

--James B. Styles

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