Through The Eyes of Loss

Loss and grief go hand in hand with one another like peanut butter and jelly. A strange comparison, but so true. When experiencing loss, one must allow themselves to work through the stages of grief. Some work it out quickly and move on, others take longer. It took me almost fi fty-nine years. Loss has followed me throughout my life and grief has become an old friend that has overstayed it's welcome. Only recently have I dealt with some of these losses that have held me back and caused me to make some egregious mistakes in my life. Some I am still paying the bill for. You wonder why you are “allowed” to go through things and endure such pain. I had to stop abusing myself and ask, “God what are you trying to teach me? Why, why, why?” The answer was obvious, “Now, that you have been taught, it's time to teach others.” I wrote this book in order to help others recognize grief and a road map to find a path to hope. God forgives. Humans have to learn to forgive. People hold it over their own heads, and still others will use it to beat you over your own head in order to control you. You have to recognize the diff erences. I have taken a leap and put my sorted past out there for the masses in order to help others.

--Elizabeth Charles

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