Through Angel's Eyes

People are fascinated by angels who have been with God since the beginning of time. People love to hear the stories of angels coming to people's aid. Indeed, they are known as ministering spirits. However, they have also been used to destroy armies, deliver messages, and carry out God‘s commands. In the Old Testament, angels are used over and over. They witnessed Satan being cast from heaven after a battle between good and evil. They worshipped God in his throne room. They watched God with wonder as he created Adam. Sadly, they also watched Adam and Eve give in to temptation, allowing evil to take over God‘s once perfect creation.

Generally, their presence causes fear in people. Some people even try to worship them. But what do they think of us? What would the angels say if they could tell the Bible stories from their perspective?

The stories from the Old Testament are told by a fictional anonymous angel. The angel not only tells well-knowns stories from his point of view, he also participates in many of the stories as well. The storyteller gives a glimpse into a spiritual world that few people get to see. Based on passages in Revelation and other books of the Bible, the angel reveals God's holy throne, describes the angelic battle between good and evil, questions man's ill-fated decisions, and grieves with God over man's fall. The angel even explains to us why God made the choices he made. Is it an angel or is it Christ? The angel tells all.

--Mary Grace Klukosky

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