Three Ships and a Sailor

By the time the war finally ended, it left Edith and me with a big problem. We had no place to live and building materials were scarce. Edith and I put our souls to the grindstone and built a little house. To some, it was little; but to us, it was a mansion. Edith planted beautiful flower beds all around the house, and I built a fence across the back and painted it white. The next five years would be a learning experience. We know all about sitting beside the bed of a sick little girl all night long and waiting for daylight. We know all about long weeks and short paydays. The initial years after the war were Reconstruction years, and everything was in short supply. But through it all, the good Lord showered this little house with blessings, and it became our home. We had made it through the war, and that made us tough. We had lived through the Depression and had learned a long time ago how to make do. We came through those years with flying colors.

--Ray Linnens

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