Thoughts, Moments and Memories

As the mist rises from the forest on the warming morning breeze, so do the memories in an old man's mind. Rising up from long-forgotten places recessed deep within the mind, the changes of the seasons mirror the changes of your own life. Each separate and filled with wonder. Each giving a life lesson if you will only notice. Each day a gift. Each flower a wonder.

The Thoughts, Moments, and Memories of fifty years observing the glory of God in his magical forests. For those who can close their eyes and see only fading footprints of their journeys deep within the forest and woodlots of Wisconsin, I invite you to come along with me.

To relieve the sights and sounds I have had in my fifty years in a tree stand, God speaks in many places. He has spoken to me as I sat in his wild places. Spoken softly on the warm south wind, as well as harsh lessons carried on the winds of winter.

May God grant you peace in this busy world. Take time from it to walk the quiet land. Sit by the small streams and listen.

You, like I, will hear him. You need only to calm yourselves and seek it.

When you get to the end of your life's trail, you will know that you have truly lived.

--Joseph R Lange

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