Thomas the Teddy Bear and the Nightingale Family

Edna and Richard were now getting a little old, their eye sight was not as good as it used to be, and so they wanted to retire. They had been making Teddy Bears for many years. They had almost completed their last Teddy, and decided to

give it to their grand daughter Hannah. Edna felt this last Teddy was very special, and she decided to call him Thomas.

This was the beginning of a very exciting life for Thomas, from his first night sleeping in Hannah and James' bedroom, to being left behind in a Tea Shop, and spending the night in a smelly cupboard, by mistake of course.

The stories in this little book are all true events that happened to our children, and know that most parents with children of their own, will have lots of stories, happy, sad, funny, that they can also remember when their children were young and growing up.

I hope the little tales will bring a smile to your face and help you to remember some of your own personal family stories.

--Nan McFadyen

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