They Say It’s Spiritual, but What Does the Bible Say?: The Truth about All Things Can Be Found in the Bible As It Should Be

I have learned so much in writing this and gained so much knowledge that I did not know and knew with the reinforcement by my reading and searching scriptures from what I've heard preached to me and in Bible study that I feel assured that I am firmly in the one true Church of CHRIST. I must live accordingly for the hope that is mine to gain or lose. Yes, the scripture is right where JESUS CHRIST said he would bring a sword referring that some will believe and some will not. The most important thing I seek is that you read and truly study the Bible and follow that.

It is, however, to have the right tool, and the Bible is the right and only source for the truth even more to have the right Bible. I have written that King James Version with thee, thou, yea, and not the New King James Version or others that are written as said for easy reading should be the tool. The new versions have been written with scripture verses left out of them that are in the King James Version. The new versions change the meaning of the scriptures that they say using other words that mean the same thing, but really, they do not and will lead astray. You, if possible, should compare such.

--Linda Conley

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