The World I've Lived In, God's World: A Potpourri of Poems and Perceptions

Have you ever picked up a poetry book ~ with the intention of buying it ~ only to find that nothing seems to make any sense? Within this book you will find sense and common sense and a hefty dose of sensitivity. If you like poems that actually rhyme, you will be delighted.

It is a compilation of the author's experiences, lessons, insights and discernments over much of her very long life and is not confined to poems. There are also some short stories of delights, and surprises. It is suggested that you read just a few at a time ~ taking each selection as an isolated experience.

Included are spiritual poems ~ poems about cats ~ holidays and family ~ funny stuff and ~ not so much ~ with the many personal stories sprinkled throughout. Hopefully many of the selections will draw you back to them again and again, as you find new meaning that will appear as you traverse through similar life experiences.

It is a book of life and love.

--Janice Merle Garside

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